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November 02, 2015

Enjoy The Process

When I was in graduate school I thought I had to write a certain way and about certain topics to be taken seriously.

I believed that because I loved writing I was supposed to be writing great works of literary fiction or would only be taken seriously if my pieces were published in literary magazines or certain media outlets.

I believed that to be taken seriously as a writer my work needed to be serious.

Over the years what I learned was that the more I tried to push myself into a certain mold the less successful I was.

The more I forced my writing to be something it wasn't the less I enjoyed doing it.

Sometimes what comes easiest to us, and that which brings us the most pleasure is actually the kind of work we're supposed to be doing.

I can't tell you how many times I read others work and can tell exactly when they get into the flow of what they are writing. There's a passion behind the text - their voice - their words.

For years I spent writing in a way that wasn't inline with my strengths. I was trying to be a kind of writer that I wasn't. And it was in the moment that I accepted that what I liked to write about was valid and realized that a certain format was easier for me to write in than others that I could let go, and start enjoying the writing process again.

Sometimes we don't write because we're not writing what we truly want.

If you find yourself feeling unmotivated and a bit disconnected from the process - ask yourself if you're writing not only want you want but also if you're sharing it in the best way (fiction, non-fiction, screenplay, script, etc).


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