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July 28, 2014

Fall Classes: How to edit your own work and How to find your voice!

I'll be teaching two classes in the fall at Politics & Prose in D.C.! I'm super pumped about both workshops and I'd love to see you guys in class if you can make it.

Be Your Own Editor: This four week course will teach authors how to approach their work with an editor's eye. We'll focus on practical techniques that authors can use, not only while they are in the process of writing, but also once they have completed their manuscripts. Over the course we'll learn by example, looking at how other authors use transitions, pacing, description, dialogue and more. Understanding what's working in a piece of literature helps us to see our own work more objectively. We'll also talk about formulas to engage an audience and how these tricks can help to drill down even more to the core of the work. In class we'll be writing, sharing, and editing!

How to Find Your Voice: You know you want to write. But how do you take that major first step, sit down, and put pen to the page? This course is devoted to helping authors find their voice. In class we'll focus on identifying and tapping into your passion and help to translate this into your writing. Understanding your voice as a writer improves not only the prose, but also the chance of publication. We'll be writing and workshopping in class.

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