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September 07, 2015

Take Your Time

When it comes down to it agents are really looking for something they like to read. And so is the editor.

You could be the best writer; have the most incredible story and not find the one agent or that one editor who falls in love with it.

Not because it’s not good, but because it’s not the type of story they normally would read or rave about.

You’ve likely heard over and again that the industry is subjective. And it’s because it’s all based on other people’s opinions.

People who are no better or worse than anybody else simply choose what they like to read. And they know that if they would see it on a shelf, read about it in the paper and go get it then someone else likely would as well.

If they can’t stop talking about it, well, others wouldn’t be able to stop either.

You could have a good story that an agent loves, but the writing isn’t strong enough. Or you could have wonderful prose, but the story doesn’t draw the right hook.

But the good news … There are SO MANY AGENTS out there. And they are all looking for the next book that they love to read.

So what it comes down to is you writing the book you want to write. Finding other books out there that are similar in scope and feel. Seeing who represented that author and go find their information to send a query.

Once you nail their interest, knowing that you write the kinds of stories they read, well, then, it’s all up to if you can deliver on the story you promise.

First: Write the best novel you can; create the best proposal you can

Second: Research the right agent

Third: Send the query

Fourth: Know you’ve done all you can and detach from the outcome

Fifth: Repeat the process

Remember, you can do this.

You can write the book and finish the proposal.

You can find an agent.

You can get a book published.

All you have to remember along the way is that your book is something that others want to read.

That what you have to say is valuable.

That the world needs it.

The more you stick to the story you want to write instead of manipulating the story to fit a market or a house or a new trend the better your story will be. Because it will be unique and potentially be what creates the new trend.

The more you believe in the story you’re writing the more you’ll want to find that one agent who loves the characters and story as much as you do.

You’ll care for the process of it all. You’ll take the time to find the right home for your book.

The less care you put into the process and the more you want to just get it done, out the door, or have someone do it for you, the less likely you’ll find it a good home.

The process is slow. The process is filled with doubt and insecurity. The process is filled with revision. The process takes time.

Take the time to create the best version of your work. Because you’ll find someone who wants to read the story, but the story has to be good for it to be read.


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