Our Approach

What I Know

I know that you are unique, and I know that there isn't anyone else out there who writes what you write in the way that you write it. No matter what genre, the person behind the words matters.

To be the writers we want to be, we have to open ourselves up to understanding who we are and what our dreams and desires are. We must find our voice and then perfect its pitch to be able to spread our wisdom. I'm here to help make that happen.

What To Expect

"I always knew that I wanted to write a book, but I had no idea where to begin. Initially, I had a "lump" of writing...about 30 or so pages that didn't really make sense. I showed this "lump" to Cynthia and she told me that there was something there, that I had a novel in me. I am not sure how she recognized it, but she did, and currently I have been signed with a highly-reputable agent. Cynthia helped me to take my ideas and structure them. She guided me from the first chapter, showing me how to incorporate dialog and description, until the very end of the book, helping me to create a powerful and thought-provoking finish. Not only did Cynthia assist me in producing chapter after chapter, but she infused her insight and literary expertise into my work, making it a compelling story complete with a robust and active narrative. The end result was a success: I have a novel, of which I am proud and representation by an agent. Cynthia is great to work with for first-time writers seeing as though she knows the literary business from A to Z; however, she is also equipped with the skills and know-how for the more experienced writer. Working with Cynthia, I felt as though I was top priority even though I knew she had many other clients. Cynthia truly devotes herself to your work and has the foresight to spot a great story even if it is only in a "lump" form as mine was. I highly recommend working with Cynthia. She will offer you constructive criticism, support and the push you need to finish what you start." - Joanne Strasser

“Cynthia is the perfect kind of development editor - one who mixes a detailed-oriented approach to work, combined with a creative ability to suggest alternative methods of communicating challenging concepts to readers. There is no doubt in my mind that our book "Hadoop in Practice" would have resulted in an altogether different and less useful book had it not been for Cynthia's diligent work. I would work with Cynthia again in a heartbeat” Alex Holmes (Computer Software Professional) Hadoop in Practice

"Dear Cynthia,
You were awesome. You were great. You gave us tons of stuff to think about. You were kind. You related to us totally. You were generous. You are young. You are gifted. You are so into your teaching, into your craft.

I learned so much. I want to hole up and savor all that I learned, register it all so it becomes a part of my writing repertoire. Write a few pieces. Read a few pieces and mark out the formulas ... You energized all of us." - Workshop Participant

"The way you so thoughtfully presented the workshop was most informative and joyful. You helped all of us to understand the intricacies of critiquing our own work and at the same time fostered a bonding in the group. We were all rooting for one another and learning together. What a memorable experience!" - Renee (Politics & Prose Workshop)

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